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Education and training of students is an essential component of CLASS. CLASS exists in part because of the need for graduates with the broad range of skills required by today's researchers in large-scale scientific simulations. This need is largely unmet. As a result, organizations that depend upon large-scale multiphysics simulations (particularly national laboratories) must go to considerable and costly lengths to educate their newly hired workers.

CLASS is taking a leadership role at Texas A&M to address this educational need. It is leading a multi-department effort to revise and add courses that can provide our graduate students with the needed skill set, and it is developing options for providing continuing education to those who have already graduated. CLASS is also exploring the possibility of creating or revising certificate programs, as appropriate, that can enhance the value of a graduate degree or of continuing education.

The Center encourages its investigators to include outstanding undergraduate students in their research projects. This introduces these students to the world of computational research and sparks their interest in pursuing graduate education.