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Multiphysics Object-Oriented Simulation Environment Workshop


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When: October 29-31, 2013 

Where: Texas A&M University; College Station, Texas


Texas A&M University, the Center for LArge-Scale Scientific Simulations (CLASS), and the Institute for Scientific Computing (ISC) will be hosting a 3-day workshop on the Multiphysics Object-Oriented Simulation Environment (MOOSE).

MOOSE is a versatile multiphysics software platform developed at the Idaho National Laboratory and is currently used by 50 universities, national laboratories, and international groups and institutes. MOOSE's framework allows for rapid development of new simulations tools, simplifying the use of multiple physics components. As of today, 30 MOOSE-based applications have been developed.  More information regarding MOOSE can be obtained on YouTube or in the INL press release.

Registration for the workshop is FREE, but we kindly request that you register so that we can reserve an appropriate room for the event.


Tentative Agenda

Date Time Topic
Tuesday, October 29 AM MOOSE overview, C++ Essentials, Finite Elements
Tuesday, October 29 PM Input File Syntax, Mesh Types, Peacock (GUI), Kernels, Multiphysics Coupling
Wednesday, October 30 AM Boundary Conditions,  Adaptive Mesh Refinement, Transient Analysis
Wednesday, October 30 PM Initial Conditions, Materials, Auxiliary Calculations
Thursday, October 31 AM Preconditioning, Executioners, Functions, Postprocessors
Thursday, October 31 PM Code Verification, ELK, Advanced Topics (as many as possible: Dirac Kernels, Scalar Kernels, Geometric Search, DG, MultiApps, Transfers, Debugging)

Campus Location

The MOOSE Workshop is scheduled in these rooms on the campus of Texas A&M University:

October 29 & 31: Zachry Engineering Center, Room 301 (See map).

October 30: West Campus Library, Room 126 (See map).


Additional Information

A fairly decent knowledge of C++ is required. If needed, we recommend the following tutorials:

The MOOSE team also has a set of tutorial slides, provided here.


Directions, Hotel Info, etc.

Information on local hotels may be found on the Bryan-College Station Convention and Visitors Bureau website

If you need assistance in planning your stay in College Station for the workshop, contact Lana Wilson for more information.